Everyone has questions.  We hope the questions and answers below are  useful as you decide if getting that piece re-upholstered is the right choice.

Why would I consider having a piece of furniture re-upholstered?

There are a lot of reasons people have their furniture re-upholstered rather then replace with new;

It was expensive when purchased new so it is well built
It is comfortable
It fits just right in that space
It has sentimental value
It was built with solid hardwood frame
I love the style
I can’t find anything new that I like
It will last much longer
Don’t add more to our already overloaded landfill



How much does it cost to have something re-upholstered?

 Of course that is an opened question that has too many possible responses.  Though we can’t give you a dollar value we can tell  you the quality of the piece tends to tip the scales on having it re-upholstered or not.  Chances are excellent that if you paid a lot for it new some 20-50 years ago, it was very well built with a solid hardwood frame.   On the other hand, something purchased only recently – last 5 years – and is showing signs of heavy wear or loose frame may not be as well built.  The idea is to compare apples with apples.  Comparing the cost to upholster a 5 year sofa to the cost to replace it with new is not a good  gauge of value.  A sofa purchased for 1000.00 today simply is not built to withstand day to day family use.  When people ask us where can we buy furniture that will last a long time I say buy something old that is used and have it upholstered.  

So, pay 1000.00 for a new sofa that lasts 5-7 years or pay 3000.00 for one that will last 20-30 years.

And remember, if you have a good frame to start with but want to modernize a piece, that can easily be accomplished and still stay well within a budget.

How long does it take to have something re-upholstered?

From the initial quote to your finished product we generally estimate about 5 to 6 weeks. However,  many times clients are in no hurry for delivery so there are chances to get that project completed much sooner.  Never hesitate to ask us for a more specific time frame for your piece or in special instances for rushed service.  

Can you change the overall style of a piece?

In many cases yes, but we would really need to inspect the item to be sure.  Of course, it also depends on what you want done and if it makes economical sense.  Customizing a piece can be exactly what you need to maintain the original quality but modernize your furniture.  Are you ready to be bold!?

Do you repair leather or vinyl?

 All projects are open for consideration.  All projects are open for consideration.   Leather and vinyl repairs are often challenging  without replacing the specific component of the furniture with new fabric.  If possible, contact your retailer or the wholesaler for replacement parts.   With that in mind we tend to stay away from patchwork type of repairs but all always willing to quote you on replacing parts.